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Here at Arlington Scale, we have the Team, Technology and Knowledge to benefit Companies in every Industry!

Airlines Passenger & Cargo

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About Us:

Arlington Scale is one of the oldest and most widely trusted names in the scale business. Since 1968, we have been at the forefront in servicing and selling industrial scales and weighing equipment.

         Located in heavily industrial Northern New Jersey, we have grown quite adept at staying ahead of the latest in weighing and calibrating technologies associated with everything from laboratory balances to vehicle scales.


• Installation
• Calibration
• Product Repair
• Sales
• Systems
• Rental Scales
• Moisture Analyzer Repair & Calibrations
• Box Label Program Solutions
• Tank Scales
• Forklift Scales
• Loader & Excavator Scales

• Retail Scales
• Platform Scales
• Test Weights
• Truck and Rail Scales
• On-board Weighing
• Accessories
• Scale Protection /
• Overhead Weighing
• Inventory 

• Balances
• Dimensioning
• In-Motion Scales
• Health Scales
• Instrumentation
• Load Cells
• Weigh Modules
• Belt Scales
• Labeling / 

     Send us your Company's Name,  an Email, and a Phone Number along with a Subject and a Short Description of what exactly you're looking for whether it's for a Purchase, Repair, or Rental Scale.
     A detailed Description of the Subject will help our representatives be more prepared and helpful over the phone and/or in-person!
50 Years! 
Providing Weighing Solutions

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