Description of Accessories

Health Scales


Load Cells

Weigh Modules

Mechanical Scales

Overhead -Weighing Systems

Retail Scales

Platform Scales

Test Weights

Truck and Rail Scales


Belt Scales

On-Board Weighing

Keep your scales and systems up-to-date with the most recent technology and software! Improve efficiency and save valuable time with a wide variety of printers from label printers to splash-proof lab printers. 

Scale Protection / Guards

From High-Precision Analytical to Portion-Control Balances Arlington Scale Services and supports all brands sold.

Arlington Scale sells/services the Industry-Leading Physician Scales and BMI Machines.  The scales are used every day in the medical profession by doctors and nurses around the world.

From basic weighing to complex process automation Arlington Scale offers the highest quality of weight indicators.

In-Motion Scales


Arlington Scale's In-Motion Conveyor Scales and Checkweighers can be integrated into a number of applications.  Including Logistics, Packaged Goods, Material Handling, and Food Processing. 

Take control of Dimensional Weighing!  Arlington Scale services & sells Dimensional Units for measuring items from small bags/boxes to oversized pallets.

Arlington Scale's inventory contains one of the largest selections of High-Quality Load Cells.  Over 40 different Load Cell Manufacturers sold!

Arlington Scale sells/installs a variety of weigh modules that provide solutions for suspended weighing, vessel weighing and Truck Scale Weighing.  Over 20 different mount styles available!

Arlington Scale services/sells the Industry-Leading Mechanical Scales.  These scales have a high demand throughout a variety of different industries due to their performance and reliability.

With more than 1,000 Over-Head-Weighing Products available, Arlington Scale has a solution for your Over-Head-Weighing needs!  High Quality Tension Dynamometer Crane Scales, Monorail Scales and Integrated  Load Cell Systems!

Protect your warehouse, office walkways, conveyors, electrical equipment, and scales with Arlington Scale's standard and custom guardrails!

Arlington Scale sells/services many Price Computing and Label Printing Scales.  Custom labels and inventory software solutions!

Arlington Scale Services all manufacturers' while selling the strongest and most accurate Floor Scales, Bench Scales, Checkweighers, Counting Scales, and Aviation Scales.

Arlington Scale sells the highest quality of Test Weights to various industries!

Test Weight Calibration Services Available!

Arlington Scale sells the Toughest Truck Scales on Earth, while also providing service for all Manufacturers' Scales.

Arlington Scale provides solutions for all your Belt Scale needs.  From Standard Calibrations/Repairs to Custom Applications for Portable Belt Units.

Arlington Scale provides a number of different products for Vehicle Scales!  From Forklift Scales to Full Onboard Weighing Systems for Trucks!


Labeling / Barcoding

Inventory Management Solutions

Here at Arlington Scale, we understand that each industry has certain needs for precise weighing solutions.  We offer products guaranteed to give accurate and consistent results as well as an annual service to ensure that they maintain an efficient state. 

Handheld-Portable Labelers make the task much more convienent as well as barcode label printers!


Give your Inventory Management Team a more convienent and effective way to keep track of all the products.  We offer a wide-range of products that will help better your warehouse!